Do you want your business to develop to a new level? Do you need something new for a competitive advantage?

Do you want your business to develop to a new level? Do you need something new for a competitive advantage?

Our company keeps up with the times and offers a practical solution - an electronic payment service. With us you can obtain a license for a payment system. This business tool will help not only development, but also a multiple increase in profits.

With us, you will significantly increase the number of customers, as well as your sales at a profit. All this thanks to the introduction of new tools for your business. Modern technologies will lead to the desired result.

Our advanced experience at the international level allows us to provide our clients with unique solutions - these are licenses:

for card processing,

payment system,

and etc.

The processing center is a unique tool in the form of a payment service information processing system for performing operations, which operates in an automated mode and is multifunctional. In order to use it in practice, a card processing license is required.

Why do you need processing?

A functional processing center provides a lot of perspectives and tools. Increasing profits is the main result of using the tool.

Thanks to him it is possible:

Accept payments using payment cards of Russian and foreign banks. In this case, you can use any payment systems. Provide your audience with payment cards from partner banks. Which provides a lot of benefits - you can quickly deposit money into your account from a card or withdraw it to it, which guarantees winning the loyalty of your target audience. The tool serves as a guarantor of trust and strong partnerships. Conduct transactions with various world currencies. Have more favorable low commissions among available payment services.

What are the requirements for processing?

Electronic payment systems differ from each other and each of them has its own specifics, as well as requirements for processing centers that process payment information.

For example, payment systems Visa, MasterCard and Dinners Club require different licenses. The first requires a license for American Express card processing, the second requires payment system licenses for technological support of operations.

Take advantage of the services of the processing center and give it the opportunity to become the foundation for the success of your business! The license will provide unique opportunities - firstly, new sales channels, and secondly, their highly effective tools.

Making payments via Internet acquiring

  • Buyer actions
  • When placing an order in an online store, they select a payment method - a bank card.
  • Online store actions
  • When making a payment with the buyer online, it directs the payment to a secure resource of the processing center.
  • Role of the processing center

The card holder must undergo verification - this is done on a special resource that is protected. Payment card details are entered for the transaction. The processing center checks them, as well as the correctness of the request. The request is redirected to the acquiring bank for further processing.

What does the acquiring bank do?

Receives the request and forwards it further to the payment system for processing.

The role of the payment system

After receiving the request, it forwards it to the issuing bank for authorization.

Further actions of the issuing bank

Checks the status of the account and whether there is an available amount to process the request. Then it sends the response to processing, and then it is redirected to the online store. The duration of the operation is seconds. Finally, the user is shown - authorized/denied.

The subsequent role of the online cash register

Modern Internet services, of which there are a large number today, provide the opportunity to make online conversions and withdraw electronic money - these are online cash registers. The professional experts of our company have proper experience in this field. We will help you install and connect online cash registers and register electronic currencies.

Electronic money in everyday life is no longer a curiosity and an innovation for society. They have long been firmly established in our realities. Today we can say with confidence that digital money can displace real money, as its turnover is constantly growing. Internet money in modern realities is the strongest financial instrument. In Russia there are about 30 electronic currencies with their own pros and cons - some are more common, and some are less common; there are more convenient or less . The most popular today are Yandex.Money and WebMoney.

Users often deal with different currencies and there are many reasons for this. This takes time and resources and is not always convenient, since you have to interact with more than one payment system. In this situation, online cash registers are especially relevant. It is this tool that allows you to instantly carry out the necessary operations in currencies and convert money into the required equivalent for the owner of the wallet. Online cash registers are global prospects; thanks to their use, the seller can accept payments - from anywhere on the planet in any currency.

Connecting virtual settlement systems

Today, many people want to have a license for a payment system. This allows them to virtually attract a new target audience of clients. And the desire to obtain a license is explained by a lot of reasons. Electronic payment systems, in comparison with banking ones, are more popular for good reason.

They have many undeniable advantages and benefits:

Firstly, it is accessible with the possibility of remote account opening. Absolutely anyone can use this universal and convenient tool without time or geography restrictions - from any city in the world.

Mobility is another strong point of payment systems. In order to use the tool, you only need an Internet connection - all you need is a PC or mobile device.

Security is the third advantage. The multi-level authorization system used to organize access to the wallet serves as proof of reliability. Information transfer is carried out using encryption (SSL protocol) with a 128-bit code.

Simplicity and convenience. They have an interface that is intuitively understandable to any user and does not require explanations or special knowledge - the system is fully adapted for use even by a beginner. This also applies to online stores. It is for this reason that it is beneficial to have a license.

Speed ​​is the main advantage. Transferring money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is the main justification for the choice of many, when opinion, like a scale, is tipped in favor of electronic payment services. Today, a lot of international systems, thanks to the license, already have a reputation as reliable partners.

To summarize, it can be noted that the virtual financial world does not stand still, but develops and moves forward. And his positions are strong and stable. And success in the form of more income awaits only those who are able to navigate in a timely manner and apply new trends to improve their own business. Stay ahead of your competitors by connecting a payment system.

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